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Our Firm

​It's all about building relationships.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to see the same people working at the bank every time I go in.  I know the tellers at my bank, the clerks at the courthouses I work in, the waiters at my favorite restaurants and the postal clerks at the local post office, and they know me too.

​I think it should be the same with you and your attorney.  Why go to one place if you need a simple will, then call someone else to review a contract, for your business issue or to pursue a civil case, then call another attorney when you, a family member or an employee is arrested on a DWI?

​When you build a relationship with someone you know and trust, you can come back without having to lay the groundwork for that relationship again. We can serve your needs now and in the future.


New Hanover County Courthouse
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